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Leadership isn’t just a job title or a one-time action; leadership is a way of being.  The problem is that most leaders aren’t intentional in their leadership (of themselves or others).

Leaders are called to live beyond the limits and excuses that stymie others. To truly make an impact, leaders must model authentic leadership and engagement.

When leaders are engaged, they ignite employee engagement and unleash incredible potential. It’s not about polishing-up the outside; it’s about making a difference from within.

The most successful organizations are those that are filled with powerful, positive, engaging leaders—and that means everyone in the organization, not just the ones at the top.

At its core, an organization strongly reflects how its leader thinks, feels, and acts.

I believe organizational transformation is preceded by personal transformation. And it begins when you open yourself to new perspectives and engaging tools.
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Develop your mindset for success working 1:1 with a proven leadership coach. You’ve been getting good results—Imagine what you could accomplish with a true ally in your corner!

Coaching provides the support and resources you need to become a more intentional leader. It helps you discover ways to increase your confidence, strengthen your relationships, and enrich your career. I coach senior-level leaders to most effectively lead their energy to get better results, faster, with less stress.

I work with very few people at one time to ensure that you get my full focus and attention. I offer three coaching packages to help you shift from being a Functional to Optimal leader.

To find out how coaching can help catapult your energy and performance, schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with me.

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Leadership Development programs

Lectures and posturing behind the podium are passé.  No one has the time or patience for another boring PowerPoint presentation.

What your team needs are relevant, engaging training sessions that drive engagement, improve performance, and encourage participation. And that’s exactly what I deliver.

In my training sessions, participants engage in hands-on, experiential learning that is FUN, memorable, and significant. My goal is twofold: to maximize your return on investment, and help you boost employee performance, leadership, and engagement after the workshops.

I offer a wide variety of training programs to help your team communicate with greater clarity, improve leadership effectiveness, and create deeper engagement and productivity within your organization.

Are you ready to dive in and discover what’s possible for you and your team?  To discuss your training needs in detail, schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call with me.

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Creating new outcomes takes awareness and the commitment to build on strengths and close identified gaps.  Assessments are a great way to build self awareness, gain baseline data, measure growth, and create action plans that align with your organizational goals.

I use a blended approach to learning that includes assessments, training, and coaching to drive change and create sustainable results.

I am proud to offer the following assessments as additional resources in my leadership coaching and training programs:

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The TLCP uses 360-degree assessment technology to connect leadership competencies with underlying motivations and thought patterns. This knowledge ultimately allows leaders to increase their capacity to lead more effectively in complex situations.

The MBTI is a powerful assessment that provides a foundation of new understanding  about  individuals and how they interact with others, increasing communication effectiveness.

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The ELI quantifies how leaders perceive and approach work and life and how they react to different circumstances and experiences. By uncovering limiting thoughts and behaviors, leaders learn to become more proactive in their approach to reduce stress and drive desired outcomes.