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#UBPub Yesco Signs (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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This week’s #UBPub features Jeff Young, Co-Owner and third generation leader at Yesco (Season 7, Episode 5). Jeff Young is the heir to a sign dynasty based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Yesco is known as the preeminent custom sign company. With humble beginnings in the early 1920s, Jeff’s grandfather launched into the largely unknown world of neon-lit signage. Yesco has grown generation over generation now boasting $250M in revenue and over 1000 employees in 85 locations! Although you may not realize it, you’ve probably seen Yesco signs everywhere from sporting events and restaurants to the Vegas strip. (While the “Welcome to Vegas” sign is one of the most famous, here’s my pic of the sign at the Aria hotel where we recently stayed—I had no idea!) The company values “its customers first, and employees second,” according to Jeff. Their goal is to create opportunities for the next generation. I …

Sam Dushey Undercover Boss

#UBPub Shopper’s World (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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This week’s #UBPub features President and CEO Sam Dushey of Shopper’s World (Season 7, Episode 3). As a third generation leader in this New York based family business, Sam Dushey has taken Shopper’s World from 8 stores to 40 locations states across the northeast– And his vision doesn’t stop there! Sam has plans to grow to over 500 stores in the next few years. Having grown up in his father’s and uncle’s shops, Sam lived and breathed business and saw the retail potential of these stores from a very young age. Watching his family’s success inspired Sam to scale the business beyond the modest scope they’d always cherished. As the last family member in the business, Sam is proud of the changes he’s implemented as CEO and of his tremendous accomplishments at such a young age. He resists his father’s conservative (and outdated) ideals for how these businesses should be …

muscle maker grill

#UBPub Muscle Maker Grill (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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This week’s #UBPub features not one but two leaders! CEO Tim Betts and Founder Rod Silva go on this undercover adventure inside of Muscle Maker Grill, a rapidly growing healthy fast food alternative (Season 7, Episode 4). Muscle Maker Grill was founded by Rod Silva, a “skinny boy” who, as he found success in body building, realized that what you eat is just as important as the workouts. Over the past 20 years Rod has been the face of the brand that has grown to over 50 locations with more than 600 employees who help the company generate over $30 million. His energy, passion and enthusiasm are contagious and would be easily recognized by the employees. Tim Betts, the new owner and CEO of Muscle Maker Grill, has quite the opposite type of personality. Tim is more of the traditional boardroom leader, with numbers, systems and policy on his mind. …

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#UBPub Nestle Toll House Café by Chip (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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Last week I wrote about my love of the show Undercover Boss and why the show is both fun and inspirational. I also mentioned starting a new type of post I’m calling the UBPub (Undercover Boss Publication) to share the juiciest leadership moments from my favorite shows. In case you missed it, you can read the full article here! For my first #UBPub I am featuring Season 7, Episode 2 with COO Shawnon Bellah for Nestle Toll House Café by Chip. As a single mom with no college degree, Shawnon Bellah worked her way up through the company to grow the brand to over $55M in revenue selling more than 17 million cookies last year alone! Shawnon prides herself on being one tough cookie (pun intended!)—both at home with her kids and at work. She attributes her success and that of her company to working harder and faster than the …

4 Wheel Parts

#UBPub 4 Wheel Parts (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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This week’s #UBPub features Greg Adler, CEO at 4 Wheel Parts, the nation’s largest distributor of off-road and Jeep accessories (Season 7, Episode 8). 4 Wheel Parts has traveled a bumpy road in its growth over the years. Starting small and growing to over 40 locations and 1600 employees, the company moved from “growth mode to survival mode” as the auto industry tanked in 2009, forcing 4 Wheel Parts to have to make major cutbacks in its workforce. 4 Wheel Parts has regained their spot in the race for growth, however, and boasts $700M in revenue and over 70 locations. Greg Adler isn’t just the CEO of a company that specializes in providing the toys to trick out your ride, he’s also an off-road enthusiast and racer himself. Greg strikes me as the type of guy who likes to walk the talk, having learned some hard lessons working alongside his …

#UBPub Marco’s Pizza (The Hidden Leadership Secrets of Undercover Boss)

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This week’s blog combines two of my favorite things – pizza and #UndercoverBoss – as Bryon Stephens, President and COO of Marco’s Pizza dishes on his vision for the $400M pizza giant (Season 7, Episode 7). Not unlike many of the “bosses” featured in the hit show, Bryon Stephens came from humble beginnings. Starting out as a dishwasher at Holiday Inn, Bryon was given a “paradigm-shifting” opportunity to launch his management career at a young age. Bryon sees himself as a visionary leader, and is a self-professed hyper-competitive egomaniac who has always “vaporized anything that tried to stand in his way” on the path to success. Bryon admits early in the show that his drive for excellence caused him to put his job and career first; even ahead of his family. He recognizes that his definition of success negatively affected his relationships with his eight children and led to failed …