The Benefits of Choosing an Attitude of Gratitude

Jen Roberts Leadership

Thanksgiving is a celebration marked on our annual calendar. For some, when the day is done and it’s time to go back to normal life, work, kids, homework, and responsibility, it becomes more difficult to focus on what you have and take for granted every day. Our lack of gratitude isn’t intentional; it’s just that we don’t always guide our attention to the abundance in our lives. Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives as parallel realities. It is always our choice which we will attend to. When we choose not to focus on what we lack, what is missing in our lives, but are grateful for the abundance that is present, we are free to experience true joy and fulfillment. It’s easy to get swept up in our busy-ness and daily hassles that cause anxiety. I once read an article about telling our children to, “Hurry up.” …